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King George Bitters

- Anti-inflammatory
- Promotes blood circulation
-Great for detox
-Cleans our system
-Helps to regulate sugar and hormone levels
Traditional Bitters has been used for centuries to help improve ones overall internal health including external skin & hair!

Ingredients: African Aloe, Cassia Sieberiana, Mahogany Shoots Extract 

Recommended use: Adults take 2 table spoons morning before food and 2 table spoons in the evening after your last meal. For children over 3 years old, 1 tea spoon a day either morning or evening.

Bitters will make go to the toilet as your body cleanses but this will not be uncontrollable.

Whilst on the bitters we recommended not eating bread (due to yeast), and if your are not vegan, no diary and no meat (due to enzymes). 

Please note if you have any medical concerns, please consult your medical professional. Bitters is a natural health supplement that can be taken with your medication. Please consult your GP if unsure. All ingredients are natural and does not have adverse effects.

We also recommend you drink plenty water throughout the day and eat your greens!