Advice & Guidance

Below are a few common skin conditions and irritations along with the products we recommend that can be found on our website and on our market stall

We highlight the importance of understanding that external skin problems are a sign of internal problems
Therefore treating the outside (the skin) is just one part of resolving skin conditions. Cleansing your body internally through bitters, healthy and clean eating and drinking plenty water, will help both your internal organs to function and therefore improve your external appearance. 


Menstrual Bundle - click here for the Menstrual Bundle 

Acne & fresh spots - Mint refresher spots cream, Mint soap or Tea Tree soap

Athlete’s foot - Mint fresher soothing cream, Mint soap or Tea Tree soap, Antiseptic oil & King George Bitters, Tea tree essential oil

click here for King George Bitters

Blemishes - Yaa Asantweaa cream, Sweet Avena soap or Vitamin E soap, Shea butter soap

click here for the Blemishes Bundle

Dry skin - Lavender Shea butter cream, Shea butter soap, Avocado oil

Eczema - Healing cream, Healing soap, Antiseptic oil & King George bitters

click here for the Eczema Bundle

Itchy skin - Healing cream, Healing soap, Antiseptic oil or Shaving oil

Rashes - Healing cream, Healing soap, Antiseptic oil & King George bitters 

Shaving irritations - Mint cream, Mint soap or Secret garden soap

Psoriasis - Healing cream, Healing soap, Antiseptic oil & King George bitters

For Psoriasis use Eczema Bundle 

Ring worms & fungal infections - Moringa cream, Mint soap, Antiseptic oil & King George Bitters

Scaring & stretchmarks - Yaa Asantweaa cream, Vitamin E soap, Vitamin E oil, Shea butter 

For Scaring & stretchmarks, use the Blemishes Bundle

Muscle & joint pains - Mint refresher soothing cream, Vetiver massage and bath oil, Healing oil, King George Bitters

For luxury facials (incorporating some of my products) in Hackney click here!

All products used are vegan, paraben free and contain no artificial colours or fragrances


Dry hair & scalp - Coconut soap or hemp seed soap, Royal Ashanti cream, Avocado oil, Ama Moringa hair oil

Hair loss - Healing soap, Moringa oil, Castor oil, Avocado oil, mixed oil hair spray, Ama Moringa hair oil

Itchy scalp - Healing soap, Tea tree oil

For more natural hair products such as Sea Moss Hair Conditioner all in glass click here

For anything not stated or for more information please contact us on 07760211626

Click here for more natural holistic wellbeing products, handmade by my daughter